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What Pro-Gamers Do After They Retire?

As pro-gamers get into their 20s, their reaction times slow down and understanding the game’s mechanics becomes harder for them. Those whose skills don’t diminish retire because they get tired of the unusual living conditions and long days. But as

Contemporary Life and the Internet

As the world got more modern, people who live in remote areas now have access to an abundance of information through the Internet. The increase in this availability of information has significantly influenced how the world embraces modern life. In

Some Tips for New Players of CS:GO

If you have just started playing CS:GO then these tips are going to help you survive longer: Fake reload Take out your pistol and shoot a round when the match begins. Then, when you hear someone near you, switch to

The Highest Earners in CS:GO

Today, there is more money than ever before in esports like CS:GO to the point where this has become a profession for many. Playing games is no longer just a way to pass the time. It is now a way