How CS:GO Ranks Work

CS:GO’s ranking system is a terrific way to gauge how good you are at the game in comparison to others out there. The game’s competitive ranks ranges from noob to elite just like all other esports. You can expect a variety of emotions while you play. You will feel a gaming high whenever you rank up. You will feel the disdain whenever you are de-ranked.

When you start off with CS:GO, you will need to put in a lot of hours before you can earn some stripes. The levels here range from 1 all the way to 40 and are only used for rewarding service medals and cosmetic skins. Once you reach rank 40 the medal changes color and you can rank up once more. This is just like Call of Duty’s prestige system. You will need to reach level two before you can take part in competitive matchmaking. This is where you will find the finest CS players.

Your rank is not even going to show up until you have managed to win 10 competitive matches. Till then you will be placed in mixed matches with players of different ranks. But, generally, players are kept in the lower tiers in the beginning.

Since you are new, you will be restricted to only a couple of competitive wins every day until you hit 10. Once you earn your 10th win, your skill group will show up with your username. Your rank will keep on increasing as you win more.

You rank is not everything in CS:GO but, when it comes to how the rest of the players perceive you, it is the only thing. So focus on becoming better at the game as a whole instead of just winning. You will find yourself ranking up automatically with time. But at the end of the day, it’s all about becoming good.

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