What Pro-Gamers Do After They Retire?

As pro-gamers get into their 20s, their reaction times slow down and understanding the game’s mechanics becomes harder for them. Those whose skills don’t diminish retire because they get tired of the unusual living conditions and long days.

But as a pro-gamer, retirement doesn’t mean going to the beach and sipping on mojitos. Even though players can earn more than $100,000 a year, they don’t make anything near enough to sustain themselves through life.

Here is what some of them plan on doing:

Christian Rivera

He plans on staying in the video gaming industry in some capacity or the other. He has quite a big following on social media and could use that to create a career for himself streaming on Twitch. Players can earn quite a bit through Twitch. Players will be able to earn money through sponsors, ads, merchandise and even asking the audience to donate.

Alex Chu

He still has a few years of gaming ahead of him before thinking of retirement. He isn’t quite sure as to what he’ll do once that day comes though. He is considering finishing his degree at the University of California but the older he gets, the more hesitant he is to return to school. He is also considering taking up a job although he isn’t sure what kind of job it would be. He might stick to the gaming industry but hasn’t zeroed in on anything yet.

Diego Ruiz

He was studying Mechanical Engineering when he started playing League of Legends professionally. Even though he doesn’t want to go back to school after his career in gaming ends, he wouldn’t mind learning how to programme. He wants to work while he is in college. This includes coaching younger players and streaming instructional videos. But again, he too has a few years to go before retirement and plans might change between now and then.

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