The Most Professional Teams in CS:GO

CS:GO is one hell of a game and there are some teams which have been able to master it through and through. They are the best in this esport and have become synonymous with it in many ways. They are:

Gambit Esports

They haven’t been on top for too long but when it counted, they fired on all cylinders. They have been able to maintain quite good form through the years, especially in the second half which is why they cracked into the top 5 teams in the esport.

G2 Esports

Since they formed this super team in February, the French team has had a mixed year to say the least. This doesn’t mean they aren’t a force to be reckoned with. They have defeated almost everyone who stood in their way. Despite this success, the team struggled quite a bit with inconsistency against teams that were well-rounded during the opening part of tournaments.


This was a pivotal year for them as they finally managed to get past the semi-finals of a major tournament right in the beginning of the year. There were some problems in their individual performances though because of which they had to exit the playoffs early towards the end of the year.

FaZe Clan

This is the biggest ever year for FaZe in CS:GO because of the two line-ups they used. They capitalized on the free agency of some terrific players and the cut-throat roster philosophy is what helped them make it to this list. There is still room for improvement here as there is not enough synergy within the team. A little bit more effort and they could end up being the best in the world.

SK Gaming

They have been dominating CS:GO throughout the year and have managed to win eight offline events. Each players roles are well-defined and the composure of each of them gives them an unprecedented affinity to make comebacks.

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