The Schedule of Pro-gamers is Unbelievably Hectic

If you are thinking of earning a 6-figure income through video games then you will need to be ready to put in a lot of work. You need to be prepared to practice for at least 50 hours every week.

It is very difficult to stay on top when it comes to games like CS:GO in the competitive gaming world of today. Only few people are able to handle the kind of regimen required and have the reflexes and skills required to master a game.

It becomes even harder when the games involved are team games like CS:GO where team members also need to get as much practice as possible with each other. Whatever time they are not playing, they need to be discussing strategies and looking at videos of their previous matches. They even play with other random people to improve their skills. Their lives revolve around the game and nothing else.

Players like Kim Jae-hun and Chae Gwan-jin push the boundaries for the amount of time players can practice by sleeping for as little as 4 hours and playing for up to 14. Their regime is more extreme than most other players in the world. But, this is quite common for players coming out of Korea which is the epicentre of competitive gaming.

There was even a time when other players didn’t want to team up with these Koreans because their intensity made the others look bad.

While the gaming season is on, players train just as much as they would for any other sport. They also have to watch out for injuries. Yes, you can get injured while playing esports. Some injuries are harder to overcome than others. So, they have to be very careful not to pick up any such injuries or their careers could end up coming to a premature end.

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